Writing and editing

Writing and editing are the stock and trade of the public relations practitioner. With vast experience writing for the Web, long-form content and corporate communications, we’re available for freelance assignments. We have highly developed corporate and creative writing skills, and we’re competent to craft communication plans, articles and blog posts one minute, and key messages that command attention the next. Our knowledge of keyword research and of search engine optimization (SEO) best practices allows us to create content that is not only original and convincing, but also optimized, sure to attract a high number of engaged readers. We’ve worked in government, higher education, non-profit organizations and the private sector. As such, we can craft content that resonates with the Edmonton market, as well as with broader domestic audiences. We strive to

  • use proven social science and communications research methods
  • edit documents to ensure compliance with Web and print industry standards
  • ensure that content is accurate and up to date and presented in a consistent format
  • prepare communication pieces for internal and external audiences per established creation and approval processes
  • strive for clear, concise writing that complies with Canadian Press (CP) style, as well as MLA and APA formats as appropriate
  • support communication activities and brand development through the development of key messages, style guides and communication plans

Contact us if you’re looking for a guest blogger, seeking a contributor for your magazine, or looking to develop SEO content for your website. fountain pen